Hungary is one of the most beautiful and Sunny countries in Europe with a rich cultural and historical heritage. This is the center of the roads connecting the West and East of Europe for centuries, the birthplace of Franz Liszt, Imre Kalman and many other outstanding artists.

If you want to live, work or study in this beautiful country, we will help you find an apartment to rent or buy, choose a suitable UNIVERSITY, learn about its curriculum and admission rules.

Real estate.

If you want to buy real estate in Hungary as a citizen of Russia or other non-European Union or European Economic Area state, it is important to take into account certain legislative rules. In accordance with them, to acquire ownership of a plot of land or real estate (house, apartment) , you will need to obtain a permit. No special requirements are imposed on the buyer and such applications are usually satisfied, but there may be certain bureaucratic obstacles. The duration of the permit procedure is 4-8 weeks and involves some 

expenses, the amount of which depends on the composition of the purchased property.

When registering real estate for a commercial organization, a purchase permit is not required, even if the founder is a non-resident of Hungary. Therefore, some buyers choose this option. In the case of acquisition of secondary real estate, the buyer must pay a one-time fee in the amount of 4% of the value of the property to the state.

When buying primary housing duty is not subject to property worth up to 15 million forints (about 49 thousand euros). If the value of the property does not exceed 30 million forints (about 98 thousand euros), a one-time fee (4%) is only in excess of 15 million forints.

Our partners in Hungary, with the support of legal structures, are willing to take care of all issues related to the search and purchase of real estate, including obtaining the necessary permits or registration of a legal entity.


Hungarian higher education institutions offer a consistently high level of education, including for international students. We will be happy to help you choose a suitable UNIVERSITY,

we will advise on admission and study, obtaining a student visa, find comfortable accommodation according to Your individual wishes.

For more information about education in Hungary you can get a free consultation in the company Astreya Consulting or our partners in Hungary.

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