7 million tourists come to Vienna every year to experience the life of the most comfortable city in the world. Therefore, the presence of unused housing in Austria - a real treasure. Cash out this treasure can be with the help short-term lease: the maturity until 28 days.

Advantages of short-term rentals:

  • Significantly higher income compared to long term rentals;

  • Stable demand including in the " low season";

  • The ability to respond flexibly to the market situation and change the terms of the lease (price, terms, additional services, etc.);

  • Possibility at any time to terminate the lease of the object;

  • Simple and clear rental conditions;

  • Landlord rights guarantee;

  • There is no need to execute and register lease agreements.

Disadvantages of short-term rentals:

This is quite a troublesome activity, which requires a lot of time. After all, with each guest you need to agree on the time of arrival/departure, provide detailed instructions, hand over the keys, answer a lot of questions, organize cleaning between arrivals and restore perfect order. It is necessary to pay attention to all the details, because any small mistake will affect the number of bookings.

The company "Astreya Consulting" is ready to take care of all the concerns associated with the short-term rental of your property, which will allow You to receive a stable income without sacrificing your time.

Our service:

Preliminary inspection of the apartment, development of promotion strategy and pricing policy;

Preparation of individual detailed list of recommendations;

Careful preparation of the apartment for delivery;

Creating an online apartment profile on professional websites;

Communication with clients, reception / seeing off guests, organization of cleaning;

Solution of all organizational issues related to the arrival and accommodation of guests;

Correction of prices and rental conditions depending on market conditions;

and everything related to renting Your property.

Our fee: 20% of the cost of each booking.

Our company is accredited by the Vienna chamber of Commerce and industry (WKO)-this means that all our actions are absolutely legal. We work in such a way that you can always clearly track your own income, expenses for the apartment, the number and time of arrivals of guests, etc. Your trust is extremely important to us!

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