Currently, Vienna is ranked 6th in Austria in terms of rental prices. On average, the rental price per square meter is about 13.70 euros, excluding household expenses and taxes. According to experts, the population of the capital is increasing every year, and due to that an increase in prices for rental properties is expected. Prices in the capital vary depending on the location of the apartment: for example, in the historic center of the city rent per square meter can cost up to 25 euros.

The most expensive in terms of renting are Tyrol and Salzburg. The lowest prices in Burgenland and Styria.

Our service:

Offer up to 5 accommodation options according to individual wishes with detailed description, photos = 200 Euro (+VAT);

Up to 10 options = 300 Euro (+VAT);

Organization of viewing the premises + support (either remotely, via Skype) = 30 euros (per object);

Legal support (verification of the lease agreement, support at the conclusion) = from 70 euros (+VAT);

Full package (offer up to 10 accommodation options, organization of views (in person or remotely) legal support) = 500 euros (+VAT)

The rental contract is usually drawn up for 3-5 years (with the possibility of extension) or indefinitely. In any of these cases, the tenant has the possibility of early termination of the rental contrct after one year of living in the apartment.

The cost of renting is usually formed from the following components: Net rent + costs of housekeeping (fixed) + furniture rent (optional) + household expenses + VAT. In some cases, landlords offer “all inclusive” payment options, which means that the same flat rate is charged monthly.

You can rent both residential and commercial real estate. 


Additional costs and other important points that need to be taken into account:

  • A realtor's fee is usually 2 monthly rental payments gross + 20% VAT when renting residential real estate and 3 monthly rental payments gross + 20% VAT when renting commercial real estate.

  • The lessee is obliged to pay a security deposit, which is on the landlord’s account all the time, its amount usually equals payment for a period of 3 to 6 months of the lease.

  • In case of renting commercial real estate, the city’s financial service charges a fee.

  • The landlord may offer a lease with the condition of making an investment contribution , which means that the tenant buys, for example, the available furnishings in the apartment.

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