Prices for real estate in Austria

Vienna: in average 4 000 euros per square meter. In the historical center of the city price can reach 15 000 per sq. m. and in the developing areas 2 000-3 000 per sq. m.

Tyrol: from 2 000 to 19 000 euros per sq. m., depending on the location.

Styria: from 500 to 10 000 euros per sq. m.

Carinthia: from 1 000 to 13 000 euros per sq. m.

Salzburg: from 800 to 5 000 euros per sq. m.

Our services:


  • Selection of options according to your wishes - from an apartment in the city center to a cottage on the shore of a mountain lake in any region of Austria;

  • Accompaniment by a translator-consultant when viewing real estate in Vienna and Lower Austria;

  • Consultation on all matters related to the purchase of real estate;

  • Assistance with the conclusion of the contract.

Additional costs in case of buying a property in Austria:

  • Realtor's fee - 3% of the purchase price + 20% VAT

  • Land tax - 3.5% of the purchase price

  • Tax for entering the name of the owner in the land register - 1.1% of the purchase price

  • Notary / attorney's fee for the transaction - from 1 to 3% of the purchase price

Real estate can be purchased using a mortgage. Equity should be at the same time 20-40% of the total amount of the purchase. The interest rate of banks in Austria is very beneficial for borrowers - from 1.5 to 3%.

Additional costs in case of external financing:

  • Tax for entering information on a loan in the land register - 1.2% of the loan amount

  • Tax for putting a bank in the ranking order in the land book - 0.6% of the loan amount

  • Notary fee, payment of assurances, etc.

  • If the mediator deals with financing, then the percentage is usually between 2 and 5%.

The right to purchase real estate, in addition to citizens of Austria, are also citizens of the EU or who have the right to permanently reside in Austria or in the EU. Citizens who are eligible for permanent residence, however, must pass a commission for foreigners, which makes the buying process a little longer.

You can buy property in the name of a company registered in Austria. The transaction is always made through a lawyer who opens a trust account. The buyer transfers the money to this account, the seller receives the full amount only when the name of the buyer, as the new owner of the property, will be in the land register.

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