In 2010 Vienna was first recognized as the most comfortable city in the world for living , and since then it has been annually maintaining this status. During this time the average cost per square meter of a new apartment in Vienna has increased by a third and in many other areas of the city by 2 times. According to experts, the growth of property prices will continue to be significant (5.1% per year), while the demand for housing will be about 3 times higher than the supply.

GDP of Austria growth about 2% in 2018.

Favorable market conditions, social stability, developed infrastructure make the capital of Austria and its surroundings extremely popular in terms of investment .

According to the surveys, about 97% of Austrian investors consider Vienna’s real estate market as particularly attractive. Among European investors, this figure is also high - about 82%.

Over the past 10 years, housing construction has grown by more than 12% and continues to grow.

Given the dynamics of prices in the housing market, investing in construction real estate in Vienna and its suburbs is an excellent way to not only save but also increase your capital.

Our company cooperates with leading Austrian developers with long experience in various areas of construction and reconstruction. Due to this we offer our clients a variety of projects:

  • Construction of commercial real estate.

  • Construction of large residential complexes.

  • Construction or renovation of small individual living spaces.

Options for participation:

1. Investment (or loan) agreement with a yield of up to 10% per year and the possibility of participation in profit (up to a total of 20% per year).
2. Acquisition of the status of a shareholder of a project with the participation in the profit share upon completion of the project (up to 20% per year).
3. Loan agreement with the project company for construction or reconstruction of small facilities (8% per year, quick return period, the amount of investments - from 50,000 euros)


Project example:

  • Construction of a residential complex in the picturesque suburb of Vienna.

  • Beginning - July-August 2019.• The total cost of the project is € 17,436,961.

  • Bank financing - 13.949.568 euros.

  • Attracted investment capital - 3.487.392 euros.

  • Project duration - 2 years.

  • Return on investment - upon completion of construction.

  • Yield - from 15% per year (payment at the end of the project).

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